Winter 2018 Stylized Shoot


So Much Beauty

So little time...

Our first Photo Gallery!

If you've never done one and always wondered how difficult it is to plan and host a stylized shoot, let me be the first to say, "Very! But so worth it!" This shoot was panned for two very important reasons; first, to capture the beauty and essence of the ranch for everyone to see, and second, to showcase a wide variety of local talent. We managed to accomplish both and are incredibly awed by the results. I have to throw it out there and say how proud I am of my wife, Ruby Varela (Pixels and Prints Imagery) for getting together such a diverse and talented group of people to pull this beautiful shoot off. 

Photography: Ruby Varela (@Pixelsandprints)
Second Shooter: Julian Guevara (@julianguevaraphotography)
Video: Irvin Pacheco (@irvinpacheco_) & Nikki Sienna (@Nikkisiennaproduction)
Floral: Flourished Co. (@flourishedco_)
Wedding Gown(s): Cruz's Bridal (@cruzsbridal)
Tuxedo: The Fitted Gentleman (@thefittedgentleman)
Cake: Beyond The Whisk (@beyondthewhisk)
Models: LeAnn & Matt Buffardi (@leanni3 | @mattbuffardi)
Hair & Makeup: Lauren Herrera (
Table Decor: CMM Photography & Weddings (@cmmphotog)
Rustic Table Designers: Nostalgic Glory (@Nostalgic_glory)
Resin Art Name Plates: Tesla Gold (@Teslagold)
Signage and Calligraphy: The Rustic Violet (@therusticviolet)
Chair rental: The Half Way Hippie Ca (@halfwayhippieca)


We had an amazingly talented group of people on this shoot and each person met and exceeded any and all expectations. I want to take a moment and thank them for their hard work in making this shoot as beautiful as it was. If you are currently planning your wedding, even if it's not booked with us, and you still haven't booked all your vendors, I highly recommend taking a look at the vendors featured here. They are our recommended vendors and we trust them to take care of all of our weddings, here at the ranch.

If you're still early in the process and haven't chosen a venue and you want to learn more about us, hop on over to the Schedule a Tour page to learn more. As a new venue, this is our first time hosting anything like this and we're already planning on potentially hosting two more before the year is over. One during the summer to really highlight just how green the ranch gets, and one in the fall. The fall one might just turn into a Bridal Show so if you're a vendor and want to be a part of it, make sure to follow our social pages to learn more.

Stylized Bridal Shoot from Nikki Sienna Production on Vimeo